search cancel – All you need to know about Arthritis and its treatment. is the most complete source of information on arthritis and its treatments. The website is clearly designed to provide answers and is divided in three different sections.


The first section offers general information concerning rheumatology, arthritis, and related diseases. Arthritis is commonly defined as an inflammation of one or more joints, which creates pain, swelling, stiffness, and limited movement. Because there are many different manifestations of this disease, it is important for patients to be informed on all of its manifestations. The website has a complete list of symptoms so that it will be easier for patients to identify with its different signs. This will surely help when it comes to learn about all treatment therapies.

The second section is dedicated to the many medical treatment options. offers the opportunity to learn about the different types of medication that are used to cure it. Numerous choices of medications with different benefits and/or potential side effects are available. The families of drugs used to treat arthritis are drugs which control the symptoms of the disease and drugs which affect the disease itself. Visitors will surely find the help they need with these important decisions.

The last section of is dedicated to alternative ways to manage this disease. There are many people, services, and products that can help. Getting medical help and treatment for arthritis is important but there are natural ways to decrease the symptoms. Diet, exercise, and physiotherapy play an important role in managing arthritis. On you will access a list of non-medical resources that will help you to maintain independence through improving your mobility, strength and flexibility.

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Author : Siri Marshall

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