KillerStartups – Arther Provides Architecture And Furnishing Services is a site that is available in both the English and Spanish languages, and is set up to offer services and goods in the arenas of antiques, architecture and design project management, and fine Mexican furniture and accessories. Upon examination of these three main headings, a corresponding informational area is reached, with a matching picture to symbolize the involved concept, however the section has the scrolling note that the site is under construction. A contact email is given, and when searching the contact page the additional information of several addresses in Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco Mexico is shared, along with several telephone and fax numbers, respectively for each of the department heads.

Alfonso H. Hernandez is the person listed on to contact for antiques needs as is Alejandro Hernandez M., with their direct email addresses listed. At a separate location in town Alfonso is listed for the architecture & design project management functions with the accompanying contact numbers. For export and import activities Alejandro is also the man to contact in an adjacent office to the one for antiques, and he can presumably handle the transfer and shipping of these items in and out of the country. Fine Mexican furniture is handled by Ignacio Hernandez M. in the same office space as the antiquities, with his own direct telephone line. The additional line of candles is controlled by Cesare Hernandez M., administration functions for the outfit advertised on is done by Carlos Hernandez M. and the marketing department is run by Alicia Hernandez M. on

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