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For an instant website launch is your friend and your quick resource agent. As you begin your launch, you will want to access the pre-installed CGI or ‘common gateway interface’ scripts. On this page you will be presented with three different script choices which are ASP, PERL or PHP. You have to choose between these. As for your account, that will include a guest counter, a chat box and a guest book. The CGI scripts are already there for you, you don’t have to write a thing. explains to interested parties the website types and how they can create that all important initial impression as this is your greeting to your customers and other web traffic guests that will either attract them and hold their interest or bore or confuse them leaving them with a bad impression which may drive them to the competition. As for the website types, Arshad describes them as either information sharing, e-commerce or showcase sites. Website development companies like Arshad offer different price ranges for different types of websites. An e-commerce site is going to be the most expensive type cost wise as it requires more options for the visitors. gives you an access number recognizable to DNS servers. Choose a Login and Password and you can gain access to your dashboard. A hosting manual, FAQ list and Status Blog are presented on the log in page. Your hosting user manual is a glossary of terms you need to know about domain name servers, accessing your control panel, uploading your site, WhoIs privacy, your site builder and what is and how to use your WebShell among other things. By exploring this website you will not only have a personal domain of your own in the form of a website but you will also understand the components that went into its construction.

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