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Aroundthesims2.comThe Sims 2 is the sequel to the monster hit game that was released by Maxis in the year 2000. This particular instalment was released in 2004, and, it is a strategic life-simulation like its predecessor.


Whereas the previous version was presented in 2D with some interspersed 3D sequences, The Sims 2 takes place in a full 3D environment. In addition to that, the sequel offers a central plotline. One of the most salient aspects of the game, though, has to be its malleability. “Modders” (individual users) can alter the game at will, creating custom contents and parts that are exchanged online. The Around The Sims 2 website is a place where Sims aficionados convene and do just that. The custom parts that are exchanged therein include objects, clothes, looks, buildings and wall floors. Polls are available, and the user can vote in order to choose the most popular add-ons and custom contents.


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