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Educators and everyday people use to create unique puzzles. There is a word search puzzle generator available on this website that makes a word search based on the words that users want to be in their game. It only takes a few minutes for Armored Penguin to develop the puzzle and all of them turn out unique. There are also puzzles of the day that have random words inside them. Many people get use out of these, including teachers and parents who want to entertain their children with something educational.


Word matches can also be generated through by users providing the words and clues they want to be in it. Educators use these quite often for tests, quizzes and homework assignments. There are also random puzzles available for anyone that doesn’t need specific subjects in their game. Word scrambles can be generated through Armored Penguin as well; all that is required is a list of words to include from the user. This simply mixes up words so they are unrecognizable, which is a great learning tool for younger children.

In addition to all of this, there are a variety of other interactive and customized worksheets that can be made. Logic games, math worksheets, illusion pages, word puzzles and more can all be created through The resources available on this website make it a lot easier to create all of these different things without having to spend hours doing so. It’s free to use all the generators and the puzzles can be printed out by users.

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