search cancel – Western New York Scholastic and Collegiate Wrestling is a wrestling website that is extensively updated with news information. The homepage included related pictures and news links. The news link is exclusively devoted to links for articles. It goes back to December of 2011, with the most recent article being for June of 2012. has an archives page, with the first event dating back to 1899. Each year in the archive – there are several dozen, from the aforementioned to 2009 – has a list of that year’s tournaments and meets. The first meet was Wiley vs. Schlegel.


The hall of fame page has a press release for the 2012 Induction Banquet, as well as a registration form and list of 2011’s inductees. The section five Wrestling Hall of Fame is listed as existing between 1994 to present day. The Friends of Wrestling program also has its own page, and is a non-profit organization. This page includes the FOW form, and a registration form for the 2012 Friends of Wrestling Golf Tournament. provides a submission page for fans who wish to submit the results of matches.

A teams-page lists the state champions’ names and pictures, along with their teams and weights. A list of teams is provided in alphabetical order. A much shorter list of former teams is below it. The links page has almost thirty organizations noted, a large number of high schools with maps, and corresponding news and media links. Those who wish to donate to the site can through Paypal. Contact information is also provided.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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