search cancel – Argo Real Estate is a real estate website that allows people to browse sale and rental opportunities online. The main menu has a sales link that allows one to specify what they are looking for in a home in Manhattan. Site visitors can choose how many bedrooms and bathroom they want, how much they are willing to spend, and whether they want a cooperative, condominium, condo, or townhouse. One can include amenities, like health clubs and fireplaces, in their search. Once the search is submitted, there are matches provided. Pictures, prices, and square footage can be viewed. The rental link also provides square footage and monthly rental fees. Regardless of whether one searches for a home to buy or rent, there is an agent with contact information provided to each match. has an agents page, with exactly twelve agents currently listed. The news page has over twenty news articles, with the oldest article dating back to 2002 and the most recent from April of 2012. The resources page is chock full of tips for both buyers and sellers. Buyers are encourage to find a broker with whom they feel comfortable, to do their homework before searching for home, and to pay attention to problems with a location that may bother them. Sellers are also encouraged to find a good broker, to make repairs and cosmetic improvements on their homes, and to keep the space they are selling sparsely occupied by furniture.

There is a management page on that gives a brief encapsulation of the company. The location of the company is given, as well as a telephone and fax numbers.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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