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AreaVibes.comWhich are the best places to live in America? If asked, could you name the top five cities in the country? Well, you certainly could if you gave this new website a look first. Named AreaVibes, it will let you know about the best cities and neighborhoods all throughout the country. The database already features over 20,000 locations from coast to coast, and each is not only scored but also reviewed by the people who have voted for it. Those who think the place in question is sort of uninhabitable have the chance to tell everybody why, whereas those who have given any featured location the highest possible score can explain exactly why they did that.

Which is just right – a rating on its own could never be as illustrative as a full description. And that is even true when it comes to a site that takes into account so many different metrics as this one. Education, health & safety, transportation, employment, crime index, cost of living… On the whole, ten different metrics are measured to produce the overall ratings for every single one of the featured locations. In Their Own Words

Find the best (and worst) places to live in America.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets you find the best spots to live in the US in a way that is not only fast but also fun.

Some Questions About

Are there sites that play a similar role when it comes to European cities?

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