– Arden is an International Company that Excels in Knowledge Management is project management, analysis, software and website development and security site. Arden also operates in retail for other companies as well as for themselves. Arden can evaluate for single businesses as well as for franchises. At read about the many types of expertise Arden has to offer such as franchise lead qualification, prototype development consulting or product repositioning. is currently adding video marketing to the line up of staples it offers. Clients at Arden include those in foreign markets and even the television network FOX, proving they have really established themselves as a capable company in the years since they were founded. With headquarters in Denver, Colorado they have been in operation since 1994.

Some more areas of available knowledge and business application are in the fields of Forensics or Security. Something that is a prime example of their management and security potential is witnessed at their Museum Store Company where you can shop online for interesting geological and prehistoric items. Available at the store are fossils, globes, icons, miniatures, coins and much more.

At their museum store you can also shop for rugs, floor coverings, paintings, toys and games. If you are in the mood for an overhaul in your home or office you can purchase decor and furnishings with historical value. Additional merchandise at Arden’s museum store would be umbrellas, neckties, stained glass and jewelry. A special feature of the store is the ‘shop by culture period’ area with prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek or Asian artifacts among about seven other choices.

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