search cancel – Aras Corp has a homepage that features the most up to date news links. There is also a series of quick links. At the top of the page is a menu. Each link, when clicked on, has its own series of coordinating links. The home link has a solutions option that leads to a page with numerous Aras solutions. Some of the topics covered in this part of the website include latest releases, standards, screen shots, projects sites, partners, and packaged offers. The home link also has a technology option, a subscriptions and services page, and a download and support page. The last area covers license keys, documentation, community projects, and a support workbench. The customer page has testimonials from well over fifty different customers. has an industries section and states that they offer solutions for industries like energy, consumer goods, healthcare, government, and much more.


There is a link for those who are getting started, and this gives site visitors the option to view videos and demos, case studies, screenshots, and white papers. There are frequently asked questions and training opportunities. offers projects, forums, blogs, and support in their community tab. A partner section exists, complete with the option of finding or becoming a partner, partners news, and strategic alliances. A partner portal is also on the site. Viewers can sign up to the site, as well as subscribe to the Aras Newsletter. The bottom of the page offers links for contact information, a privacy policy, and a site map.

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Author : Paul Barker

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