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APSNet.orgAPS is an international scientific organization dedicated to the study of plant diseases and their control. This society in not new at all, it was founded in 1908 and it has over 5,000 plant pathologists and scientists world wide.

At you will find different kinds of information regarding the latest developments and research advances in plant health science. In the home page you will find the latest news and updates, including information about the APS Centennial Meeting. You will be able to register for this important event by checking out the register link located on the right side of the home page. On the other side of the main page you will find a list with the most important sections. Some of them are: journal and news, careers and placement, education center, calendar, member directory, and media/outreach center, among many others. Join the APS and learn what the membership benefits are by checking out the Join APS section. Visit for more info.

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