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App.etizer.orgThis is an online application launcher, or dock, that was created in order to be used in Windows. This online solution gives you the opportunity to launch and organize applications and shortcuts.


The application is skin-able and entirely customizable via plugins and skins. It is currently available in 12 different languages

This online application was created in order to be transportable and lightweight so that it can be carried around on a USB stick, and be used as a launcher. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista and it also support the standard format.

The plugin system is based upon the Lua scripting engine, which means anybody can create a plugin with a simple text editor without having to know a low level language like C or C++, and without the need of a compiler. The plugin API is fully documented with example at

Portable applications become more and more common as users want to be able to carry their own applications with own settings around. So there is a need to be able to easily access and launch these apps without having to look for them on Windows Explorer. Appetizer provides this in a simple way. User can drag and drop their applications onto the dock to create shortcuts and they can also easily customize it using plugins or skins.


Author : Bill Webb

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