search cancel – A Math Learning Haven is a website dedicated to aiding students in need of math tutoring. Their website provides an interactive journey into math studying. Their game room provides a fun world of exciting games that will not only keep the student entertained, but will help to educate them, as well. The website is basic enough for a young child to navigate on their own or to use it with a parent. In a world, where many children suffer from a lack of education, steps in as a free aid to those in need. They provide a homework helper section which also allows students to study their homework and check if their solutions are correct. is a fantastic way to get students intrigued in mathematics and to keep their brain stimulated. The java and flash games are geared towards math and help with concentration along with addition and multiplication. There are various games also dedicated to geometry and division for more advanced students. For students in their early years, flash cards are available to help learn multiplication. Flash cards are a proven way to learn multiplication, and their extensive library helps each student to get ahead. Each game comes with instructions on how to play and soon enough, any student can grasp onto the concepts at hand.

Not only will they enjoy themselves, they will be learning a valuable life lesson through these engaging mathematic games. The homework helper offers a wide variety of tools which will aid checking solutions and also enables the student to input their problem for checking. Other useful tools include the order of operations reminder which employs a step by step procedure to solve problems.

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Author : Bruce Turner

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