KillerStartups – Creative Learning Solutions is geared toward instructors who teach college-level coursework. The site details the company’s commitment to delivering engaging, challenging assignments for students with diverse educational needs. Site visitors can learn more about Aplia’s features, which include assignments that are graded automatically to save users’ valuable time. Students benefit from Aplia’s assignments as well; fast turnaround time and detailed explanations of answers make it easy to quickly identify areas for improvement.

At, instructors can choose from one or more of 21 diverse and popular subjects ranging from core courses to more specialized topics. For example, Aplia offers learning solutions for coursework in Biology, English Composition, History, Economics and others. Within each core subject, users can also choose more specialized topics. Under the ‘History’ category, for example, there are separate options for US History, Western Civilization and World History. Aplia also offers resources for instructors of popular majors, e.g., Business, Political Science and Finance. Each subject is presented in a way that makes it suitable for use with a variety of curricula, teaching styles and textbooks.

The Aplia website also provides a complimentary demo for each of its subjects, allowing prospective users to develop a feel for the content before making a definitive decision. The ‘Tips for Teaching’ section of the site features numerous articles and inspiration for integrating Aplia into an existing curriculum. Visitors to can read testimonials from some of the 5,300 instructors at 1,700 institutions all over the world. On the website, instructors can also learn more about upcoming conferences, press articles and important developments.

The website also offers an informative FAQ area for both instructors and students, as well as a contact number and email address for those who wish to request more information.

Aplia In The Web

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