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Aolfoodblog.comGourmet eaters and cooking enthusiasts will find a good source of debate and comment on their favorite issues.


One of the men behind the blog is none other than celebrity chef Florence Tyler, who writes a weekly post on the joys and sorrows of loving food, wine and the pairing of both. Since this blog is a part of the general food section, other than the personal opinions of this chef, users will be able to find recipes, cooking and serving tips plus restaurant reviews and the like. Posts are written by AOL’s blogging team in an energetic, ironical and fun style that is truly enticing, and the most brilliant entries are presented in list-form with a siding of pictures or videos. Take a look at fun articles like “Top 11 annoying restaurant trends” or the very amusing “Fast Food Trends We’d Love To See”. Do take a look at the selection of food blogs presented in; some of them are just plain delicious.


Author : Steve Dixon

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