search cancel – the best home page on the internet is a great communication site for people to keep up to date on the world, along with communicate with friends. The main page takes you to a page where you can read news headlines and click on them to read the full article. Everything from top news stories to quirky news from around the web. You can also enter your zip code to get news local to you! When you enter your zip code, you will also get local weather! In addition to the headlines, they have categories such as business, sports, world and local news. The business includes stock market prices and the ability for you to enter your own and have them pop up on the ticker. also has the ability to check your mail or c hat right from the main page! This is especially convenient when you are not at your home computer but want to chat with someone who is on aol or if you want to check your email. This can all be done from the website without requiring a download! The chat window opens from within your browser. This is a great feature of this website. also has a search engine at the top of the page for you to be able to search right from the main page for whatever you are looking for. Just type it in at the top in the search box window and a list of possible answers will pop up.

There are plenty of reasons to check out and make it your home page! A wealth of information, along with tools to make browsing the internet more enjoyable.

Aol In The Web


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