– Your Source for the Finest Dave Matthews Band Info is a fan created website that pays homage to the Dave Matthews Band. The band has created a wide spread following through out the world and fans can find a myriad of goodies on the website to feed their DMB craving. is a music lover’s dream as not only does it give around the clock information regarding the band, there are torrents available for download. These torrents are an extensive list of fan recorded shows known as bootlegs. There are bootlegs from shows that date back to 1993 and as recent as 2012. Ants Marching is consistently updated on a day to day basis, and their live setlist tracker is updated on the minute as a concert is performed so enthusiasts can check out what Dave has decided to play that evening.

Fans take it quite seriously and consistently get into heated debates with one another in the forum over favorite and least favored songs. Their forum has become not only a website but a way of life for many of the members. Some of the members have confessed to getting married after meeting through the forums. These users show their support by getting tattoos and adorning bumper stickers on the backs of their cars. Many of the news updates on are not only informative but written in a casual blog style to give the website personality. is maintained by several fans who have seemingly devoted themselves to keeping it up and running. The website has truly taken on a life of its own and shows massive support for the band that has inspired them so strongly.

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