search cancel – The Best in Office and Home Virus Protection is the redirect page to Trend Micro, a company that focuses upon cloud security. Their 20 years of experience have made them a leader in the market for cloud environments that help to stop the threat faster than other companies. Their expertise is in data loss protection which meets the needs of all enterprises across the globe. provides service not only for businesses but home offices, as well. Their security programs are available for Mac’s and PC’s as well as mobile devices. They provide an online sync and backup program that has been rated number one in excellence for several years. Their free tools provide a quick scan for home computers to ensure that no viruses or spyware has entered the systems and the same service can be installed free of cost onto iphone and android devices.


In 2011, Trend Micro unveiled a brand new data-centric security model which was targeted to defend computers against attacks. This program was also written to follow and protect data at all ends of the computer. The company celebrated their 20 year anniversary in 2008 with the launch of their Trench Micro Smart Protection Network which rendered traditional security content obsolete. Their worldwide network consists of over a thousand researchers and support engineers who pride themselves in being the strongest and most intelligent in their field. The support engineers provide a round the clock surveillance tactic which provides the most quality and safety that a company could provide. Steve and Jenny Chang along with Eva Chen brought into the world in 1988 in Los Angeles, California and by 1992, their company had expanded and brought their headquarters to Japan. Since then, their dream has truly become an aid to all.

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