Anti-State.Com – Market Anarchism Online

Anti-State.ComAnti-State.Com is the center of internet market anarchism.

Their forum, with more than a quarter million posts, is bursting at the seams with information and conversation. Their mission is to inform and entertain market anarchists and facilitate contact and the exchange of ideas between them; for them, spreading their ideas takes an important second. They need money to stay afloat. Whether you buy a bumper sticker, or donate money directly, you help bring cash into their coffers and keep the bills paid. If you send money, you don’t have to send $500 to make a difference. Any amount you can send is definitely better than nothing. Whatever you feel you can afford, or whatever you want to give will be welcome. At the blog page you will find some categories at the right hand side; some of which are War, Africa, Technology, Education, Iraq, Economics, Law, Terrorism, Israel, Asia, US Military, and many more. You will also view a list with the recently posted articles.

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