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AntenneX.comAntenneX is an online amateur radio publication which is published monthly at


It’s a magazine entirely dedicated to antennas, featuring columns, articles, books, and useful links. This site aims to contribute to the magazine’s growth by opening up lines of direct person-to-person communication all around the world. Ham operators endeavor to make contact with others around the world and AntenneX provides a central place for everyone to readily discuss their experiences with problems and/or successes in this field of radio signals. You will find a broad range of radio-related subjects covered here; not only the antenna, but the entire system from antenna to transmitter/receiver is discussed and how to create ways to improvise with other important components to make things more cost-effective and efficient. The articles and editorials in this exciting online magazine are thought-provoking and are aimed at accelerating your accumulation of knowledge about one of the most important assets of amateur and commercial radio.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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