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This website is all about Antarctica and the Antarctic. If you’ve always wanted to travel to Antarctic regions you will be glad to find out there are regularly scheduled adventure trips that begin in the town of Ushuala, Argentina. They can be reserved by following the information listed on the website at Trips that take you to several destinations with trained guides and lecturers. You travel aboard a Danish ship with cabins and other features for your comfort to see the sights that can include kayak tours or camping along the way. The South Shetland Islands, the Antarctic Peninsula, Beagle Channel and the Drake Passage are some of the highlights of the journey.


Special merchandise is sold online at You can buy tees with darling penguins in a variety of color choices, vests, coats, underwear for the extreme cold, socks and hats. Items of apparel are available for men, women and children. Canadian Goose brand outerwear, sold here, is embedded with down fill for superior warmth in cold climates. Gift items are also available such as plush animals, stationary, magnets, keychains or paperweights. Puzzles, posters, guide books, DVDs and CDs about the region and even jewelry are waiting for your shopping bag as well.

Finally a good selection of maps can be purchased to have as your own. All maps are priced under twenty dollars. After you plan your trip and perhaps choose some goods from the online shop or at least mark it on your to do list you will love to read about the many curiosities the region offers its visitors. From scientific research in fields like aeronomy, important because of polar stratospheric ozone depletions occurring at the poles, to astrophysics at the Amundsen Scott Station to biology and geology much can be determined about earth’s status in the universe now and in the past. Ocean currents in this region are the largest in the world, which helps meteorologists predict weather. As you study the information presented at you can begin to grasp the significant features of this ice-filled place and see it is much more than expected.

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