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Sometimes it is difficult for a business to illustrate a plan or idea without have the proper technology to simulate the business goal, is a website for these businesses to start their vision. Ansys is a corporation that is at the forefront of design and simulation for both private and government projects.

On the homepage of, a presentation is put together to demonstrate the type of projects it has done for clients around the world. Companies will be able to gauge what Ansys can do for them exploring the website.

The business initiatives menu allows the user to view their cost effective innovations that are explained at great length. The business practices regarding strategic engineering simulation and pervasive simulation are discussed, complete with technical terms and examples of how these business initiatives are executed. IT performance and high performance computing are also detailed, with explanations of how Ansys can carry out each company strategy.

Ansys lists the industries that it has contracted with, including aerospace and defense, energy, and healthcare. On the industries section, there is a contact sales tab that will put the customer in direct contact with a member of the sales team. lists a comprehensive product line, including those under the electromagnetic, fluid dynamics, and structural mechanics heading. There is a customer portal on Ansys for current clients where customers can log in with a password, to protect their information, and access key communication with the company and get an update on their products and orders.

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