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Operating in a question and answer format, the website allows its members to collaborate together to solve puzzling inquiries. The user created format allows people on yahoo to ask other members to answer, and incorporates a voting system which selects the best of the best to represent the community’s response. In this way, yahoo users are allowed to browse through a potentially large number of responses and choose which answer best met the needs of their question. The moderators at also mandate that all answers be courteous and helpful, and refrain from using hate speech or otherwise misuse the answer forum. The website collects the questions and corresponding answers in a searchable database. Users can log in at, look through these queries and see if their question has been satisfactorily answered before re-posting the same query.

There are a wide variety of categories to fit a question into, with no lack of variety or depth to the questions posed. Some of the large categories include questions on pets, business, health, education, and sports. Users who feel particularly knowledgeable about one or more of the categories, may wish to look through questions under each group to see if they can apply their expertise and help out a fellow member. Yahoo also maintains an active blog that collects some of the best questions and has one of their blogging staff research and respond in a post. Finally, at you can also find a suggestions forum, in case you have helpful tips on how to improve the site.

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