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When looking for answers about Christianity, Islam, and beyond it is hard to know where to go for answers. If you have questions or would like to find out some factual information then you should check on the site and learn some real facts. On the answering-islam site you can find information on God, Jesus, the Quran, Islamic rule, and so much more. It is more about Islam then about Christianity but there are things on the site that explain the difference between some of the very conflicting views of the two popular religions. On you can spend a lot of time really reading into Islam.


There are a lot of great current event and news articles that are about the world of Islam. If you don’t want to read the site in English you can have the language changed so that you can read it in a language that is comfortable for you. With basic Christianity and find out about why people have change over the years between the two religions. You can read about what went wrong and why the two have vastly different opinions about a few key issues. On you will be able to join forums and discussion groups and be able to discuss your religious opinions in a safe and secure environment and you won’t have to worry about offending anyone or causing a problem.


Author : Jason Taylor

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