search cancel – Your Source For Anne Frank and Her Museum is the online home of the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam. This an online tribute as well to the amazing, young girl who documented her life in hiding during the holocaust in a diary. The diary was later found and published worldwide and has since become a best seller and created a lasting legacy. The website provides a timeline of events of her life that begin with her father Otto Frank and his involvement in the first world war during 1914-1918. furthers holocaust education of readers and allows them an in depth look into the girl’s life as well as stories from other survivors. On the website, viewers are able to see some of Anne Frank’s keepsakes that made it past World War 2.


Tickets for the Amsterdam museum are available for purchase online. There is a limit of 14 tickers per order and groups are allowed to buy 35 and are advised to make use of a timed reservation. Viewers will need a credit card, printer, and an email address to make their purchases. also gives viewers a chance to learn about other educational products and activities that are available. There is a guide available for teachers to use and information on how to create a school dedicated to Anne Frank. Due to the graphic nature of the films and exhibits at the museum, parents are advised to not bring children under the age of 10. The website proceeds to advise parents to be prepared for questions during and after the first film.

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