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Animusic.comDo you like music? And what about animation? Well, if you like both, then you will sure love this site. Animusic is an American company specialized in 3D animation of midi based music.


Their creations are distributed in DVDs and music albums as well as featured on TV. They create all the music and the animations, showing virtual and imaginary graphical instruments playing their music. At their official website you will find everything regarding this company like history, creations, and previous works. All their latest news are posted here and they feature an online shop where you can buy all their DVDs. You can also read reviews of their works, access to their support team, and get all the info of their DVS and Clips. Finally, if you want to watch some examples of the creations of Animusic, then you can go to the downloads section, where you can have free access to some of their videos.


Author : Liam Gray

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