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The Japanese culture is rich with history and offers multiple contributions to the world of entertainment including their animation. Across the globe, anime has captured the imaginations of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. offers in-depth reviews of this popular international genre of animation. The sight includes over 400 reviews of anime but does not stop there. It’s hard to be a fan of the genre without having a desire to give drawing a try yourself. The website offers tutorials that can give beginning artists some basic pointers on how to learn to draw in the style of anime. Those who wish to learn the art form can browse tutorials that walk you through how to draw specifics such as eyes or faces, or just general lessons. is a celebration of not only anime, but also the Japanese culture at large. Basic lessons on the language of Japan are offered through the site. Viewers interested in learning some of the basics of Japanese can peruse lessons ranging from pronunciation and accents, to writing, politeness and more. Audio samples of the language are also available. Fans of the culture can easily interact with one another thanks to the sites forum. Discussions about topics that span wider than simply anime are available where you can find people with similar interest and hopefully form some new friendships! is a one-stop destination for those who are interested in anime and Japanese culture with piles of content to keep your interest for hours on end.

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Author : Liam Gray

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