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For people who love manga, provides a large variety of episodes and information. With a large list of recommendations by fellow fans, the site will help you find an episode that entertains and amuses you.

One of the special features of is a database with an variety of searchable features. Here fans can browse by show title or viewer reviews, helping the user find a series you’ll like.

The character database enables you to search for your favorite character, or find new character types such as “ninja” or “animals.” You can also browse a link of characters sorted by the sites “top listed” characters, as well as by search or meta-tags.

In the Forum of, you can discuss your favorite episodes with fellow enthusiasts and browse through comments posted by members. There is a large list of forum threads, so you are sure to find other enthusiasts who are as passionate about as you are.

On the link “Popular Anime Today”, you can find the most talked about characters of the day, and read a synopsis of the day’s popular episode, helping you decide which show to view. The reviews section is especially useful, since reading other reviews might help you decide which shows to see if you can’t decide. is also a great site to research new characters or discover old shows that you have not yet seen, as the website has a database to help to you search and sort. By signing up for a free account, you can make your own list of favorite manga to share with others and more!

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