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Anime-Planet.comDo you like Japanese comic strips and animations? Look no further: after you’ve given a brief look, you’ll be digging it every day, as it presents loads of news, reviews and chat on anime.


However, the most appealing feature about this site is the ‘Recommendations’ area, which presents users with a brief review and overview of newly released stripes or animations, written by the site’s staff and its users alike. Each post presents several useful quick facts, like screenshots, synthetic reasons why anyone would like the recommended anime series, screenshots and the Users Stats, that will allow you to see how many users voted, liked, watched the series, how many dropped it and other useful taste-informing data. Also interesting about this site is that you can change the default theme (featuring one set of anime characters) to meet you own anime preferences out of a list of preset layouts. You can take a look at the site without registering, though becoming a member has several perks, the first and most important is to be able to enter contests to get free merchandise and stuff, but also to be able to mark your favorites, make recommendations, keep track of the anime you’ve watched, plus enjoy a great feature that allows you to see “My Life Spent on Anime”, that is a statistic chart presenting how much stuff you watch regularly, how much you watched once, what you dropped, and other similar information that will allow you to gain a deeper perspective of your behavior as an anime fan.


Author : Steve Dixon

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