KillerStartups – Java And Flash For Webmasters

AnfyTeam.comRegardless of whether you are a programming veteran or only giving your first steps in the area, is one of those sites that’s always handy to keep on the bookmarks section, as it is home for a publisher of software for designers and webmasters which allows them to create Flash applets on the go without installing the software or even know how to handle it.

They also have a Java package with a wealth of image effects, animations and applets for websites and blogs. Though you can preview the content of both packages online, you can also download it directly for free to start learning about how it while using it, and relax: they both run on Windows, Mac and Linux. While using these stuff is free for anyone who cares to download and install them on the corresponding site, it is also true that people clicking in the animations/effects as links will get a credit pop-up; if you want to get rid of them you are probably best advised to purchase the licenses from the site, and note that you will get charged per each domain where you use the packages, so have that information handy beforehand.

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