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Stories and jokes, photos and cartoons and your daily anecdote will keep you satisfied when it comes to humor. A wide variety of topics fill the pages at The top subjects here include SMS, best, blonde, army, doctors, computer, family and student jokes. Don’t forget to look for political, nationality, vulgar, black, unique or bearded jokes too while you are here. provides you with even more fun, with games to play like online poker, billiards, dominoes, card games and many more. These games require that you log in to your account. Videos, dating, news and love related jokes make your life a little happier. While you’re at it you may as well joke about wealthy people or about problems involving work. This website is from Russia and the Russians love a good and funny tale.

There are forums to post to at College age to adult posters frequently share their wit about the times and their opinions. Unique and funny, there are stories about drug users and quips about drinkers. You can laugh for quite a long time as you read the material here. Photographs of people in crazy circumstances is another highlight of this website.

More favorite ideas when you want a good laugh are priest stories. There is a calendar and from this calendar you can check out the most current in amusing stories that have been posted here. There are many pictures amid this menagerie so the hosts have selected the very best of them and placed them in a category of their own for ease in viewing.

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