search cancel – A Russian Website with Jokes and Anecdotes for You shares funny stories, jokes, anecdotes and humorous remedies to visitors of the website. Become a member if you like, choose a user name and password for total access. Humor and anecdotes and things put to rhyme in poems shed new perspective for many readers. There are cartoons both new and fresh ones and a selection of best ones from some time ago. Each category at includes selections from previous years. The categories are stories, jokes, aphorisms, calendar jokes, cartoons and poems. Copyrighted work by dozens of authors displayed on the website should not be taken for one’s own without asking but you are free to read and enjoy it from here.


If you are familiar with the site you there are always new jokes and stories coming in to keep your spirits up. You can view the joke ratings, the most popular author lists and the highest rated submissions if you want to save time in locating the most likely material worth your while. Once you have registered you may submit stories, poems or jokes and other such material to To score a rating you need to submit ten different texts and to have been read by ten different readers.

A list for striking up some interest for different subjects will tempt you to read more. Jokes are about political figures, the army, the Internet, work and business, Sherlock Holmes, students, sports and many more items. Stories also run the gamut from war stories to customs or day to day life and problems you might have. Each time there is humor and a lesson to be learned.

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Author : Steve Dixon

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