search cancel – The British Museum Presents Ancient Egypt is an online branch of the British Museum and contains a vast collection of data about ancient Egypt. There are several in depth resources highlighting the geography, gods, mummies, pharaoh, pyramids, temples, and writing types of Ancient Egypt.


Each section has a brief explanation of what it is and then delves much more deeply into the subject. As an example, the section on the Pharaohs has stories about Ramses II and the Beit el-Wali Cast, a giant wall built by that particular pharaoh. The pyramid section has several interesting pictures of pyramids and a nice description of their beginnings. The explore section of the pyramids has tons of diagrams and allows you to click on each of it’s parts to get more information about that particular part of the pyramid. The time section contains a basic timeline of all of the events which occurred and explains the relative importance of the these events, from the very first settlers of the Nile Valley up to the present day. There is also a neat and engaging challenge section of each part of the website, which challenges you to think about different aspects of the Ancient Egyptians and allows something as close as possible to hands on learning on a website.

Not only does the sight have tons of facts about ancient Egypt, but it does so in an extremely attractive and streamlined fashion. Whether you are young or old, is a great resource for anything related to the ancient Egyptians.

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Author : Irene Davids

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