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Exploring a family tree is an exciting venture for many individuals, and has those individuals in mind. If you don’t already know the ins and outs of researching your very own lineage, can show you many techniques step-by-step directly from their website. Scores of family names are available for visitors to investigate, and there are many other features of this website that are also useful, such as a variety of identifying records. is part of a network of sites all a part of the larger company which has headquarters in Provo, Utah in the United States. Ancestry France is one of the nine foreign country websites that are overseen by

As you explore the available records which are categorized by name, location and year, you can find additional ancestors often well beyond those you already know of. You can also verify the information you have about your family with real records and determine if there are any errors in your information. You can locate distant cousins that are still around as well because the information that is recorded on family trees could include living descendants in many instances.

Members can search others’ family trees if they have permission from the owner of that tree, send emails to desired contacts through Ancestry’s system of ‘member connect,’ and create a tree of their own for free. If you like, you can create additional trees as well. You get a public profile and a guide or start-up wizard that will have you breezing through the website with ease. You also have access to zillions of records which include marriage licenses, census and voter lists, immigration as well as emigration records, birth records and death certificates with your paid subscription. If you share with other members, you can save on the monthly dues while still working on your tree. What you put into your own tree will help other researchers along their paths of discovery also.

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