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The homepage of Anarchic-x shows a screenshot of a newly released video game, and the site explains how gamers can go to another part of the site to enter a contest to see who can get the farthest in the game in the shortest amount of time. Also in the contest rules, there is a hyperlink to the forum that is specifically dedicated to this contest, allowing people to post their stats and share secrets to help one another advance in the video game


Community forums are available, for each and every popular game that is currently on the market. There are no cheat codes posted on these boards in addition to users asking questions and also offers moderators to help those that are stuck on a certain level and are not able to advance in their game. Anarchic-x is very proud to not allow cheat codes on this site as they believe it diminishes the true sense of gaming.

Anarchic-x accepts donations from those who use the website on a regular basis to help defray the costs of using the servers and for the moderators to have some type of income to supplement the amount of time spent on the site.

There are tutorials on Anarchic-x to help those users that need to visually see how to get to the next level. The moderators use a bit map to show how a player would move their remote to gain access to the next stage, it is very easy to understand. has many menus to help guide users through each forum.

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