– Hands On Training for Massage Therapists

Massage therapy has a somewhat shady reputation among some people, despite its obvious physical benefits. The American Massage Therapy Association, located at, is dedicated to the promotion and expansion of safe, legal massage to everyone that could benefit from it.

AMTA is a non-profit association that provides a wide variety of benefits to its members, including lobbying efforts to ensure uniform licensing requirements in all states, networking and continuing education, and the support of research. While is primarily aimed at professionals in the field, those searching for a qualified therapist may also use the site. In addition to location information, amtamassage gives a good list of questions to ask any potential therapist, a rundown on the different types of therapies available, and data on certification to ensure that the therapist you choose is ethical and abides by the organization’s rules and regulations.

Professional massage therapists can use to sign up for liability insurance, save money on products and supplies, and connect with others in the field for networking and information exchange. There is a substantial section on continuing education on the site as well as tips and tools for successfully managing a thriving practice. Members of AMTA can also learn about upcoming membership events including their national convention, and see a schedule of in-service training sessions and seminars. There is also a selection of job openings for certified massage therapists at locations around the country, plus a listing of qualified schools that teach this ancient therapeutic art.

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