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The world of finance and the world of investing have drastically changed over the past 15 years. Things like use of the Internet, access to 24-hour news and an ever-changing and volatile economy has meant that individuals have had to drastically change the way that they look at how their money is managed, and where they wanted their money to be invested. These are just some of the reasons why individuals turn to the resources provided at when it comes to dealing with matters related to money.

Boasting more than 40 years of service the American Stock Transfer and Trust Company is proud to offer services such as access to advanced marketing tools and data via its web page Visitors to this page will find that they can easily use it as a way to manage all of their investments. This site also serves as a way for people to consolidate their holdings. This group of professionals has successfully managed funds for 25% of the companies in North America.

One of the nice things about is that it is not just built with financial professionals in mind. They realize that a lot of individuals who would be visiting this site may not be as familiar with the terms, and the names of forms that are used in the financial world. For that reason included in the list of functions that this website has is a glossary that individuals can use to get a detailed definition of some of the terms that they might encounter while reviewing the website that they do not understand. Also included is a list of frequently asked questions, and the ability to download certain forms that a person might need.

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