search cancel – A Great Music Society otherwise known as the Society for American music is a great place for musicians. American-music was founded in honor of Oscar Sonneck the great man who died in 1928. was established in the 1880s to honor the great man. Another part of this is called the Sonneck Circle.


The mission of “is to stimulate the appreciation, performance, creation in study of American music of all areas and all diversity, including the full range of activities and institutions associated with these musics throughout the world.” There are so many great reasons to become a member of the society for people of all ages. There is an annual conferences held just for the members. They also hold interest groups at these conferences. There are a number of magazines written for . The journal of american-music is just one of these great publications. They have the american-music bulletin and a membership directory and these are just few of the great things you get as a member.

Membership is not free – individual members have to pay $35.00 for one year, which can be renewed each year for the same price. $15.00 of what you pay is the right back into the foundation. This helps keep their mission going strong and attracts new members each year. On the website you will find that each year there are 500 new members added. Whatever you are looking for you will find whether its membership fees or the numerous awards won, it is all here.

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Author : Bruce Turner

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