– Machine Components and Solutions is the online headquarters for Advanced Machine and Engineering Company, based out of Rockford, Illinois. The company produces mechanical components for various types of heavy machinery, including metal saw blades and heavy duty clamping mechanisms. At .com you can read up on the company’s forty year history of supplying machine components and learn about partner locations in countries around the world, including Germany and Switzerland. The expansive Products section explains every available product in detail, from worm gears to precision holding devices. Available information includes product specifications, history of the device, capabilities and real world applications. Many product pages even offer video of the item in use in a real factory setting, as well as contact information for a product specialist who can guide you through the buying process. is extremely helpful in coming up with customized solutions to specific client problems. Under the Applications tab, potential customers can find a laundry list of past projects where AME has designed custom solutions to solve a problem for a company. This is useful in determining if AME’s services are a good match to partner with your business. offers a variety of downloadable literature, in PDF and printer friendly formats. Topics covered include CAD models, PDF catalogs and a video library. Via the website, you can also request an on site inspection for your facility to work out product dimensions and space constraints before ordering. One thing is clear from, the company goes above and beyond to satisfy its customers and solve problems.

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