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If you are looking for sound equipment from Yamaha to Casio and everything in between, you can find what you are looking for on They have so much great information on this site. Also, you should know that the website is in German and you can translate it to English or some other language if you wish. This is a great site that you can join and get all the latest and greatest information. They have guitar and bass information, as well as DJ and VJ information. Make sure that you check out this site on a regular basis so that you will be able to see all the new and changing information.


On the site you can log on and register on the site and you can communicate with others who know about this type of equipment. Most of this stuff is not easy to use so it is helpful to talk to people that are interested in it too. You can also go on the sound workshop and see all that they have that you can work on and look at to get the sound right for your project. Visit and think about checking out the workshop section and maybe attend one for your sound education. They have many great workshops all year long that will help you work your equipment and be a better musician or better DJ. They also have a lot of great vintage equipment if that is more your style. You can also read all the latest news about your favorite company or equipment.

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Author : Bill Webb

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