search cancel – Quality Dental Insurance at Altus Dental is the home page of Altus Dental Insurance Company, Inc. It is the fastest growing benefits company in Massachusetts and provides coverage for nearly 100,000 members. AltusDental is headquartered in Southern New England and offers great features such as competitive dental plans and a growing network of dentists. They are backed by prompt payments and exceptional first class service.


Not only is dental insurance offered through but there are dental health education articles available for visitors to take a look. There are tips, definitions of terms and different types of dentists such as an endodontic that works with root canals or an orthodontist for straightening teeth using braces or retainers. Many other types of specialists exist to focus on one area for more complex procedures. Visitors can learn about children’s dental health and how important it is to begin educating children at an early age. There are books recommended to read such as The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss. A health challenge can be taken to find out if one is at an increased risk for disease.

Members of can search for a dentist with the click of a button or register for an online account to manage their dental benefits with ease. Members can then check their specific benefits and coverage dates, review deductible and maximum amounts, or look up the status of a claim. An ID card can also be instantly printed if one is lost. The registration process was updated to add more security and privacy protections.

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Author : Pat Gregson

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