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In the early days of the Internet, good search engines were few and far between. Google wasn’t invented yet – but was. Altavista was one of the very first tools available to allow users to find things on the World Wide Web, and it is still in use today.


Now owned by Yahoo, has changed over the years. What was once a busy page, full of animated GIFs and flashing lights is now a simple, straightforward search page. It is almost severely plain, all white with the familiar box in the middle. On the top of the screen is the country of origin of the searcher, which is changeable at desire. The updated Alta Vista logo occupies the top center, just above the search box. There are many options for searching, including the full Web, just by images, video, local or shopping. The user may also check for apps for their smartphone or iPad on, and the page links to the Yahoo News search engine in order to find headlines or in-depth news reports. The More link opens to give even more options, ranging from Answers to Sports, finance or the Yahoo Blog area. As with all contemporary search engines, Altavista allows advanced capabilities and the ability to set preferences to the desire of the user. links to Yahoo’s advertizing programs as well. The main clue as to the ownership of Altavista is the link in the lower middle, offering to make Yahoo the default search engine, This bypasses the page entirely.

Altavista In The Web


Author : Bruce Turner

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