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The website is a resource devoted to helping homeless cats and dogs find a new roof to put over their head and a new family to call their own. At, visitors can choose a wonderful new pet to add to their family. Cats and dogs are both available on the site and visitors are able to fill out applications directly on that will grant them permission to adopt a beautiful new family member. There are listings for current animals that are available at the current date, and the site constantly updates to keep the resource current and keep visitors up to date with all progress. The site provides photos for each animal, as well as breed and age information. Customers can read about each animal and make a decision that is best for the entire family. Adopting an animal is an exciting event, and animals deserve the greatest care possible. Make sure you are ready for the commitment before making an adoption.

The website has done a great job at getting their name and mission out to the public. Their social media campaign is evident on the website. Customers are able to follow the latest news by following the foundation on Twitter, Facebook and checking in with You-tube. This allows the customers to stay current with all the latest happenings and bits of news relevant to the foundation. The site is a great resource that helps animals find a new family. It’s a win-win for the family, the animal and the foundation.

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