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AllTheBests.comAll The Bests is a new site that has the objective of letting you “discover new favorite things based on what you already love”. That is, if you love walking in the beach when the sun is setting you will be able to find the best spot for doing it through the site.


The same applies if you are fond of reading when it is raining, or if you like listening to music when you are feeling broken-hearted.

The way that is achieved couldn’t be more straightforward, as all you have to do is key in the corresponding text string where it reads “Find the best…” and complete the phrase. Once the question has been asked, you will have to wait for personalized recommendations from other site users to roll in.

The examples I used at the beginning where mostly leisure or highly personal activities. You must note, however, that there is actually no reason why this tool couldn’t be put to professional uses. You can easily find the best tools for marketing a brand or drawing more customers to any venue through it, and that is something definitely worth-keeping in mind. In Their Own Words

“Discover your new favorite things based on what you already love.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be useful when boredom settles in and you want to revivify these activities that you are fond of.

Some Questions About

Can you save the searches that you make?


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