– Great Low Prices at Alltel is the home page of Alltel Wireless Communications Corporation. They are a wireless telecommunications provider based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. They currently only provide services to six states which are Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Ohio and Idaho. Alltel is a subsidiary of Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. which is a Massachusetts based telecommunications company that operates advanced wireless, wireline, as well as and both terrestrial and submarine fiber optic networks in North America and the Caribbean. Alltel was formed in connection with ATN’s agreement to purchase wireless properties. Verizon was actually required by the FCC to sell those coverage areas. offers new lower priced Best Value Unlimited plans which that can save customers hundreds of dollars a year over comparable unlimited plans. Customers also have the option to choose their No Contract Best Value Unlimited Plan option with no credit check and no deposit. Alltel is very flexible in that customers can change their plan at anytime as long as they have chosen an Anytime Plan. Coverage for Alltel phones is great all across the United States. Advanced network and coast-to-coast coverage options are also available if the customer is interested.

One of the new phones on sale that is offering to its customers is the Samsung Admire Android. There is no rebate but a two year plan is required and the phone itself will only cost the customer fifty cents!

In addtion to the great services provided and new phones for great prices is a new option of adding Voice to Text. This allows the customer to speak into the phone and it is translated directly into a text message to send to the person of your choice. This extra feature only costs $2.99 per month!

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