– has the Greatest Recipes is absolutely the best recipe site on the internet. You can find literally any recipe on this website. You simply type what you are looking for into the search bar and a long list of items pops up. Each one is a little different and people even rate them so you know which ones are the most popular. has so many features that it is incredible. They feature a menu tab on the top of the page. This tab pops open when you put your mouse over it and there are so many items to choose from. They include a low calorie menu which is amazing and it tastes so good. There is a dinner in 30 minutes one and everything listed is great. A few of the other items listed on this tab are budget, quick and easy and kid friendly. They also have make ahead and use leftovers menus available. They have a planner and some for diets. This is truly the best part of this website.

They have a holiday tab that lists different kinds of food you can make for each holiday. They have this Christmas page and the foods listed here are incredible. The Thanksgiving webpage is also amazing with scrum shish food listed also. Right now the website is featuring Cinco De Mayo recipes which include tacos, enchiladas and salsa. They also have a bunch of what they call “Mexican Classics” listed also. really does have an amazing site with great recipes.

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