search cancel – Illinois Has Reasonable Health Care For All Kids is the web portal for the state of Illinois’s health care insurance program for children called All Kids. It is an all aspects program that covers hospital stays and doctor visits, vision care and prescription drugs, medical devices like eyeglasses and asthma inhalers, as well as dental care. There is a sliding scale of cost, but it is kept very reasonable on a per child basis. the service offers sign up options online, or the application can be downloaded. The site claims a current enrollment of child participants of one point six million across the state.


There’s a program eligibility grid called the Income Box, and a cost estimator grid called the Cost Box. These two informational forms will help the applicant determine where they come into the system financially. There are upper limits on family income versus eligibility. The custodial parent must be the one applying. There is a long question and answer section on the page that deals with introductory statements about the program.

The site contains the a version of the members handbook, and has a listing of the covered services, which seems to be comprehensive to the point to include mental health and nursing home services, hospice and physical therapy as well as addressing all other physical aspects of health care. Part of the process, once signed up, is to find a “medical home” meaning the closest approved facility and physician combination, based on geographical convenience to the patient and their family. Find that combination is done through one of several agencies, specifically the Illinois Health Connect or the Illinois Client Enrollment Broker, possibly through their web site, for which a link is provided.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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