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The operators of the Star Costumes website know the specialness Halloween holds for children who like to play dress-up. Truth be told, many adults love joining in the fun and wearing costumes as well and caters to both markets. Young boys can pretend an adventure awaits them dressed as Batman or a pirate, or a girl, dressed as Snow White, may head off in search of her seven dwarfs. Star Costumes offers these costumes and more for sale through their online store.


Fun awaits grown-ups too. A woman may want to portray herself as a Geisha or flapper girl or a man wanting to turn the clock back can select a hippie costume or one temporarily making him into Sonny Bono or Elvis Presley. Not to leave customers hanging and with an incomplete outfit, also sells accessories including hats, wigs, masks and other props, jewelry and makeup to bring the full image to life.

Star Costumes even offers plus size costumes for customers whose frames have more height or fullness, but whose sense of fun and humor carries equal weight with other individuals who enjoy the thrill and carefreeness offered by dressing up and living in a fantasy world for a short time. The company offers same day shipping and accepts major credit cards for payment. Prior to purchasing, however, potential buyers will want to set aside a block of time to browse through all the outfits, accessories and miscellaneous items found in the online inventory at

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Author : Bill Webb

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