search cancel – the Best Horse Pedigree Site Around is the greatest site for horse owners or just anyone who owns a website dedicated to a specific breed of horse. The site allows people to access a free pedigree chart and generate it onto their own webpage. This is literally the greatest place on the internet for horse lovers. This is one amazing place and anyone who loves horses will absolutely adore this page.


The website offers so many different things for those wanting to set up a pedigree chart. does offer a free plan that lets you set up a simple 5 generation chart on their page. This plan allows owners to get a small pedigree with no detailed information and some other features all for free. Limited Adding & Editing Horses, No Hypomating, Linebreeding or Female Family and Progeny Reports as well as photos are also offered on the free plan.

If you would rather have a different plan you can subscribe to the site and pick out one of their paying plans. The plans offered very by price simply because of the months the plan is offered, but all come with the same features. The have $9.99 for 1 month, $19.99 for 4 months or $49.99 for one full year plans. All of these have 5-9 Generation Pedigrees all with complete information, Linebreeding Reports and full access just to name a few. They also give customers Hypothetical Matings, Female Family and Improved Features. Setting up an account with is very simple and easy.

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Author : Paul Barker

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