KillerStartups – Free Microsoft Boot Disks is your free resource for all kinds of Microsoft boot disks; from MS-DOS 3.

3 to Windows XP Professional, All Boots has it all. So, if you want to set up a new hard drive, scan a hard drive for errors, install Windows, upgrade your OC´s BIOS, etc. you might be interested in taking a look at the different disks options provided on the site. On each of the disks offered you will find plenty information so that you can make informed decisions; if interested in any particular disk you just click on About and you will find the detailed information you need to know. Information on the different disk contents is also provided for you to check out and have an idea of what the disks include. If after reading the information provided you would like to download a particular disk, you just click on download boot disks, check out the files you should download, and go ahead and download them. If you have any questions or concerns, you can post a comment and check back later to see if someone answered your question.

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